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Professional Sports Surfaces Limited is a Caribbean based company specializing in Stadium fixtures, surfaces, seating and construction consultancy. Our partners are some of the largest suppliers in the world and their products have been tested by the world governing sports bodies such as FIFA, FIBA, AENA, ITF, IAAF and FIH. Our main purpose is to supply the Caribbean Region with the highest quality of sports surfaces, seating, stadium designing and lighting needs.

Our team of engineers are perfectionists and are always ready to create the perfect sports venue whether for a small 6-a-side soccer field or to build a full size stadium field with an aeration and hybrid system. Our team is fully equippedand well supported by the scientists and engineers from two of the most well known sports labs and our suppliers' engineers.

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Professional Services

You can count on PROFESSIONAL SPORTS SURFACES LIMITED to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.


FIFA, FIH, NFL approved hybrid and artificial grass

Natural Grass has always been the choice of surface for the FIFA World Cup. However in 2018 that changed. FIFA has now implemented the use of Hybrid Fields just like the ones used in almost every major club around the world who if not using 100% synthetic grass choose to use hybrid. Hybrid fields are comprised of synthetic fibres that hold the root zone mix and natural grass roots firmly. This strengthens the natural graas and makes the field naturally stronger and greener all season. It also cost less money and time to maintain than a 100% natural grass field.

Synthetic Grass we supply our clients with has been under the FIFA Quality Program for years and our suppliers offer the best quality on the market and we sell at costs reasonably lower than the market price. We also provide installation and maintenance support after the installation. All our synthetic grass products for soccer/football, Field Hockey and Rugby have been approved by their world governing bodies.

Artificial and Hybrid Grass

Indoor Court Surfaces approved by ITF, FIBA and AENA.

Hardwood floors, rubber mats, rubber tiles and indoor court paint. All you need and more for your indoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, gyms, offices and homes.

Hardwood floors imported from Switzerland and the USA. Our suppliers supply us with high quality FIBA approved material for Basketball. Our Hardwood floors can also be used in gyms, offices and homes. Easy to maintain and last for years.

Rubber Tiles and Mats protect your hardwood floors and porcelain/ceramic tiles. We have a wide range of thickness, sizes, and colours. Our products are also customizable.

Indoor court paint is FIBA approved and is available in various colours.

Indoor Courts

IAAF Certified Running Track material.

Our running track material is one of the best systems in the industry and our supplier has had almost 30years of experience in providing, customizing and providing support for their installers/partners. Available in over 9 different colors.

Running Tracks

Outdoor court material including European Red Clay for Tennis Courts.

With a founder who once competed in professional tennis events. Tennis court projects are our favorites. With 3 suppliers, different court paces and over 25 different colors to choose from we have everything you need. We also sell red clay and court lines and provide resurfacing and construction expertise to install. We also resurface and build other outdoor courts such as basketball and futsal courts.

We also sell outdoor court hardware such as nets, net posts and scoreboards.

Outdoor Courts

Stadium seats and Team Shelters

Need to expand stadium seating capacity or renovate? - We have all your needs at best prices on the global market. We have regular seating for bleachers, seas with cup holders, VIP Seats and much more! Our seats are customizable and can also be used as advertising space (a great way to cover expansion and renovation costs).

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5 Carvahlo Drive, Kingston 10, Kingston, Jamaica


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